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Euro-Caribbean artist Marc Alberto (they/them) is a musical polyglot whose work seems to escape categorisation.

Besides developing a personal language as a saxophonist and multi-instrumentalist, as well as composing, improvising and performing electro-acoustic music – they have been working in a continuous carrousel of interdisciplinary collaborations as a sound artist, poet, arranger, songwriter, producer, director and performer.

As a composer and sound-artist, their language uses traditional composition and notational methods, working closely with classically trained musicians. However, Marc seeks to challenge and de-colonize these institutional traditions by opening them up to improvisation, conceptual sound practices, unusual (electronic) instrumentation, and African diasporic elements, as well as popular music elements. Self-described as working from a “contextual, non-idiomatic” basis, Marc has for the past 10 years of their artistic and musical journey consistently found their unique voice in a carousel of projects whose variety reflects Marc's mixed cultural background. 


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